Equilibrium BSC


35 private investors who were scammed before the project

even launched. Funds were taken as “wages”, false expenses

claimed, and 90BNB gone with the wind. Banding together

they not only tracked and collated the information to forward

to law enforcement, they retrieved a VERY small part of it back

and set about not only sticking a finger up at the scammer but

also making the ultimate “for everyone” project, harnessing contacts

and the true power of social and defi finance.

What is it?

A low tax for those who like to trade for profit. With initial anti-dump sell tax, decreasing for 3 days. BUSD Stablecoin rewards for those who hodl. A renounced contract once confirmed secure and stable after tax reductions bwith all liquidity burned forever for peace of mind.

One project wallet controlled by multi-sig under KYC and any expenses voted on. These funds can be used for marketing if necessary or even to buyback the chart.

After the contract is renounced there will be 6 x weekly burns of 5% from the deployer wallet. The remaining 10% will be used to airdrop to a selection of victims of confirmed rugs and scams over a time period when it can be voted by holders and once the project has stability.

The original 35 holders wallets are vested for 30 days from launch to show solidarity and lead the way in holding for USDT rewards.



Total Supply 10 billion
Presale 2 billion
Private Vested Upto 1.79 billion (proportionate)
Liquidity 2 billion
6 x Weekly burns 3 billion
“Rug-Drops” 1.21 billion (over time)

Unlike most projects, 90% of Equilibrium presale funds will go
direct to liquidity. LP tokens will be burnt forever, not temporarily
locked. At day 3 sell tax will be normalised and contract renounced.
Equilibrium will truly be unruggable.

A big F U to scammers everywhere. As simple as that.





Special thanks to Alpha Ape for their assistance, guidance and support!

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